Goings-on At UW

For this blog post, I explored photojournalism with human subjects at University of Wyoming. Each photo has a description of the situation, how I took the photo and where to learn more for yourself.

Feature: Learning to Walk Again

Laura helps her mother’s dog Pippin recover from a spinal injury on February 22.

If you happen to be on the west side of Old Main around 9 am, you might see a dog with spindly back legs learning to walk again. Pippin, a border collie, has partial paralysis from a spinal injury. Until recently, he could not walk without a harness holding up his back legs. Laura walks with him every morning before work, helping him slowly regain his strength. In this photo, she leads him with an armful of wooden sticks.

I noticed Laura on my way to class one morning, holding up Pippins back legs with a red harness as they walked together. When I saw them again a few days later (this time, stumbling but without a harness) I had to ask why. Laura’s commitment to Pippin’s health and recovery is heartwarming. This subject had the potential to be a photo story of Laura and Pippin’s progress, if not for my inconsistent schedule. The photo uses the rule of thirds, with Pippin in the middle third.

General News: Danish String Quartet Comes to UW

Danish String Quartet play Beethoven and Scandinavian folk tunes at the Buchanan Center for the Performing Arts on February 21.

University of Wyoming is one of many stops for Danish String Quartet’s 2018-19 tour. This photo was taken from the audience when I attended the event. I used symmetry to make the photo feel balanced, but if I had a better camera, I would have tried to capture more movement. These guys are lively and passionate for their music.

For more information and touring dates for Danish String Quartet, visit their website. For more events at UW, including fine arts performances, visit WyoCal.

Sports Feature: Bring on the Billiards

Paul Stuckey practices pool at UW’s Billiard Club in the Wyoming Union on February 25.

According to his teammates, Paul Stuckey is the “go-to guy” for pool tricks and tips. Even though this photo does not show Stuckey’s face, I think it’s an interesting perspective to see what he sees while also creating depth.

For this photo, I went with my husband to the Union building, hoping to find someone playing pool or ping-pong. We did not know that UW had a Billiard Club and walked in on their weekly meeting. They were immediately welcoming. My husband became the club’s newest member.

UW’s Billiard Club meets every Monday from 7-10 p.m. in Pete’s Game Room at the Wyoming Union. For more information on how to join or when to watch, visit their RSO page on UW Connect or contact them directly at uwbilliardclub@gmail.com.

General News: Fun with French

Youssra Rahham teaches French via card game in the education building on February 25.

As part of UW’s World Language and Culture Program, Youssra Rahham teaches French two nights per week. In this photo, her students are learning conversational French with a card game. Rahham teaches her class in immersive French for thorough practice and fast results.

I take a weekly Russian course through this program and I’ve heard that Rahham has a lot of students. After watching her teaching methods, I can see why. I found her on the program schedule and sat in on her Monday night class.

UW’s World Language and Culture Program is free and open to the public. This program creates a setting where students can teach their native language and culture to others in a stress-free environment, without grades. For more information about the World Language and Culture Program, visit their Facebook page or contact Dilnoza Khasilova at dkhasilo@uwyo.edu.


For this assignment, I found that interesting things are going on all around us. Between work and school, I generally don’t get out much. Events were happening at my University that I never knew about until I started looking for them. Once I did, I found that there are many fun activities that I could squeeze into my schedule. As I said, my husband signed up for the Billiard Club and after seeing Rahham teach French, I signed up for her beginner’s course.

I was surprised by people’s acceptance of me as a photographer. I would feel so uncomfortable being photographed, but all of my subjects were friendly. I think that really speaks to the mentality of Laramie; the people of this town are more warm and inviting than other places I’ve lived.

Next time, I’ll be writing in the style of a news article, using interviews and research to explore a travel topic.